Home Staging

Home staging is the act of preparing a property for sale. The goal of home staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property quickly and for the highest price possible. Staging techniques focus on giving potential buyers a more attractive first impression of the property. This is done by improving a property’s appeal and transforming it into a welcoming home. Staging a property for sale is a key marketing tool and we understand fully, its power to help sell homes fast and for the right price!

At Samantha White Interiors, there are two types of home staging services which we offer. We work with property developers, creating show homes to invite potential buyers to view their new home. This helps potential buyers to visualise the lifestyle they would have and how their home would appear fully furnished. Will also offer a furniture and furnishings rental service, whereby you don’t need to fork out for new furniture, it can be rented from us for the short period you need to market your property.

The other type of home staging service we provide, is for our private clients, who already live in the property and are looking to revamp their home and make it appealing, to market it for resale. With an occupied property, the process is slightly different. A client will already have the furniture and furnishings and so the aim is to revamp the existing property and this will involve de-cluttering and de-personalising first and re-decorating where necessary. Once this is done, the focus is to create an appealing home for potential buyers with techniques used to make a home look inviting.

With both types of home staging, our aim is to look at the home from a buyer’s perspective. With our expert advice we can style your home to appeal to buyers and show you how to look at your home from a buyer’s perspective.

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